Schools Initiate Share Tables To Feed Needy Children

Date November 16, 2017

National Center for Children in Poverty claim that in the US, only around 15 million children live in families with incomes below the federal poverty threshold whereas in other countries, this level is much more significant. Unfortunately, it means that millions of kids go to school every day and don’t have an opportunity to have a proper lunch.

But several schools across the country initiated the project aiming at helping to feed needy kids and also to provide others with the opportunity to take more or switch food.

Everything started when the first share tables were organized in schools. The idea is pretty simple: Everybody can put unopened snacks on the table. It also means that every student can take an extra or exchange package for the one he or she likes.

Excited about our new #sharetable at school! 20 unwanted items were left in the share basket today for another student enjoy! #childhunger #schoolnutrition #nourishfuelgrow

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At the end of the day, there is usually some food left on the share tables. In this case, it can either be donated to churches or food banks around the neighborhood, or certain charity organizations. Also, children from low-income families can take something home in case there is not enough food in their families.

Florida is one of the leaders in terms of the project, and around 20% of schools are taking part in this initiative. For example, Aloma Elementary School donates food to Redeemer Lutheran Church at the end of each day.

According to the law, any food that was already served can’t be given on the next day again, even if it wasn’t used by a student. So, share tables save wrapped and untouched food from going into a dumpster. What a brilliant initiative, it solves so many problems at one time!

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