Teenager Couldn’t Go To Homecoming Because Of Leukemia, So Friends Organized It In The Hospital

Date October 19, 2017

Homecoming is very important for every teenager. They start preparing for this event in advance, thinking of every little detail. But unfortunately, our life is unpredictable and sometimes, things go not the way we want it.

Blake Mount was dreaming of attending the homecoming dance and spending evening together with his friends. But it was completely impossible, as he was in the middle of his battle with leukemia. Instead of having fun and dancing, he was about to spend all evening lying on the hospital bed. But his friends didn’t allow cancer to spoil his plans. They have prepared an incredible surprise for Blake, which he will never forget.

Blake’s best friend, Kaitlin O'Connor, decided to transfer the homecoming dance to the hospital. She was the main organizer of the whole process, but all other friends actively participated in the preparation of surprise. They have decorated the hospital in such a way that it looked exactly like a place for homecoming. There was even a dance floor, so that Blake could feel the real atmosphere of the event.

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Friend’s goal was to let Blake feel like he is not at the hospital for at least one evening. They wanted him to forget all pain he has gone through, and inspire him for the future struggle with the disease. Blake is really blessed to have such wonderful friends, who are always ready to help.

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