The Plane Was Late So Passengers Threw An Accordion Party

Date November 24, 2017

The delay of the flight is not a kind of news passengers want to hear. And the reason is simple: everybody has some plans and the change in the schedule can ruin certain events. But sometimes the delay can become a good chance to have a party.

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Michelle Sacrey Philpott has recently made a post on Facebook that surprised people from all over the world. Michelle has uploaded pictures and videos from the Toronto airport and wrote that there were some talented musicians who kept everybody entertained. But how could it happen?

It turned out that passengers threw an accordion party when they got to know that their WestJet flight from Toronto to St. John's was going to be delayed. Sheldon Thornhill was the initiator, as he was the one to take out the accordion and start playing some music. The other musician, Sean Sullivan, decided to support Sheldon and opened his guitar case.

At first people were shocked as it is quite an unusual atmosphere for the airport, where everybody is always busy. But in just a few minutes they started singing and dancing, and the real party started. It was such a wonderful time that united people from different countries.

By the time Michelle arrived to her final travel destination, hundreds of thousands of people have already watched the videos from the airport. And the number of viewers is still growing!

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It turns out it is always possible to turn a bad situation into something fun and positive

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