31-Week-Old Smart Yorkie Shows Off Her Skills


December 26, 2017 18:11 By Fabiosa

Dogs can do the most unbelievable things when they get proper training! This cute tiny Yorkie called Misa adores to perform the witty tricks, playing with her owner just like a child, who enjoys the performance to the fullest.

How to get the dog trained and loving every moment of it?

-    Listen to the dog and understand whether they feel comfortable.

-    When the dog is doing something correctly, reward them with your attention.

-    Expectations should be realistic. Of course, it may take some time to train the dog.

Misa is a real talent!

This dog can do many tricks. Misa Minnie is an adorable puppy that has obviously been well trained by her owner.

At just 18-week-old, she began to perform a wide array of tricks, and by 31 weeks, she has gotten so smart and famous.

Some people might be concerned that this pup might be a little over-stimulated, it is worth noting that Yorkshire Terriers love the attention. They need a lot of time with their family. Long hours of being left alone is not for them. Since it is obvious that it took some time investment to train Misa, it is undoubtedly that this dog enjoys every little bit of what she does.

MeSoMiniMisa / YouTube

In this video, Misa can be seen showing off her many skills as she is able to master over two dozen commands in this 4-minute video.


With her looks and talents, Misa is truly the whole package, and it is hard not to fall in love with her.

MeSoMiniMisa / YouTube

This video has already gained about 6 million views!


For sure, Misa is very talented.

MeSoMiniMisa / YouTube

Who knows, maybe someday she'll get on a TV show!


Watch the video below and make sure that this dog is very smart and incredibly cute:

More of Misa wonder tricks!

On the video below Misa is doing something good to her bunny friends. While bunnies are sitting in the blue toy car, the dog is doing a carwash for them. What a caring and hardworking friend she is!

Also, Misa enjoys visiting playgrounds together with her mom. They came to the park together, and Misa found a baby slide to play with. Sometimes, she acts exactly like a child!

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