Country Singer Granger Smith Drives Two Hours To Surprise His Fan At Work

Date December 20, 2017

Some celebrities really like to do something for their fans. Granger Smith is one of those stars. The 38-year-old singer-songwriter is not only a good husband and father but also a caring celebrity who appreciates his fans.

In October 2017, Granger released his ninth studio album “When The Good Guys Win”, and now, he is planning the promotion tour. But one more interesting thing that he’s done recently is that he started calling his fans that purchased the new album and thanking them. While Granger was doing that, he found out that one of his fans from Ohio wanted to visit his pop-up shop very much. But she couldn’t because of her work. So, Smith and his team decided to surprise her on Halloween and went to her workplace.

The girl named Kirsten is working at “Luckies Barn and Grill”, so the musician drove the bus for two hours to get to that place and make an unforgettable Halloween present for her. When they got there, the girl has already left because she finished her work. So, Granger asked the manager to call Kirsten and tell her to come back without telling the reason. Poor Kirsten probably thought that she’s gonna get fired when she’s been called and told that she should go back to work to answer some questions. But luckily for her, the reason was very sweet. When the girl saw that her favorite country singer came to see her and give her a CD, she started crying and gave him a big hug.

Granger Smith gave an excellent example to other celebrities with his kind and thoughtful gesture. He proved that it’s so easy and cool to surprise others. It feels nice to both parties.

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