Homeless Man Returned A Lost Bag To Its Owner. Now, The Thankful Girl Wants To Help Him Get A Home

Date October 18, 2017

Looking past the surface may be challenging. But once you do that, you start seeing the world around us in a different light. And then, amazing things happen.

Daisy Owen is 20 years old. She lives in Bolton, UK. One night, when she was out with her friends, the girl has somehow lost her bag with her purse, some cash, and a $400 iPhone in it. The girl knew the chances of getting her things back were pretty low.

Paul Calderbank is homeless, so he leaves on the streets. For somebody like him, finding a purse with cash and expensive cellphone in it seems to be a great opportunity to get some money. In this situation, some people may try to contact the owner and ask for a reward for giving back their belongings. The others may simply decide to take the cash and sell everything they can. But Paul chose neither of these two options. The man decided to do the right thing – get the bag and all its content to the rightful owner. Furthermore, Paul decided to find the girl on his own.

Since he was homeless, Paul couldn't ask the police to help him. The man was afraid the officers would simply decide that he was the one who stole the bag. He also figured he needs to hide his finding from the other homeless people, so they wouldn't try to take the bag away from him.

It took the man two full days until he finally found the girl and got a chance to give the purse back to its rightful owner. He also wrote a very long note, explaining why he decided not to take advantage of his finding.

Daisy was so impressed by the kindness and decency of the man that she decided to help him regain his feet again. The girl launched a GoFundMe campaign, entitled “Get Paul a Home” where she told about the man's good deed and asked people donate some money to give Paul a chance to have a roof over his head again. Initially, her goal was to raise at least £500 (about $650), so that the man could've pay a deposit for a flat. But as of now, people have already donated over £3,300 (almost $4,500).

This story proves once more that doing the right thing has its benefits. At any situation, you have all the power to make the right choice and change this world for better.

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