Faith Hill Shares Hilarious Video Of A Snowball Fight She Got Into With Husband, Tim McGraw

Date January 19, 2018

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are not only one of the brightest and most talented country musicians, but also one the sweetest couples in the entertainment industry. They have been together for over two decades now, with their common journey starting back in 1996.


The best part of their story is that there is always something they can have a good laugh about. For instance, their first “official” date took place in Faith's house, where Tim showed unannounced with a bowl of chicken dumplings, the couple recalled during The Bobby Bones Show in Nashville.

He knocked on my door, and he had a bowl of homemade chicken dumplings.

McGraw also had a fork and a spoon laying on the top of that bowl because he did not know which one Hill preferred.

Spending quality time together.

Today, Tim and Faith have three wonderful daughters, countless awards and hits, and even a common album they released last autumn. But as busy as their lives are, the spouses always make sure to spend some time together by simply enjoying each other's company.

Just recently, Faith posted a hilarious video of the epic snowball fight she and Tim got into the other day.

Snowball fight... It’s on!!!!!!!

Допис, поширений Faith Hill (@faithhill)

And even though it is quite short, it is enough for us to see just how much fun these two loving people have together. The only question is: Who is going to win this battle?


Well, as we can see from another short video posted by Faith, love is the only winner here!

Kiss...... You’re forgiven????????

Допис, поширений Faith Hill (@faithhill)

Even after spending more than 20 years together, these two people are still head over heels in love with each other. And, perhaps, that is why Tim and Faith always have such an incredible chemistry between them every time they get onto the stage.


What is the secret of their long-lasting marriage? Read the article below and learn more about this amazing couple!

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