Prince Harry Spends Time Not Only With Meghan Markle But With Her Mom As Well

Date December 27, 2017

The relationships between Meghan Markle, a 36-year-old model and actress, and Prince Harry lasts for over a year now. But the public debut of them as a couple became one of the most discussed events of the recent Toronto Invictus Games. However, there is one more person that deserves 33-year-old prince's attention – Doria Ragland, Meghan's mother. Sure, you didn't know about that and other secrets that Prince Harry is not hurry to reveal.

According to US Weekly, an insider close to the famous couple revealed that it was Harry's idea to invite to the recent sports event in Canada. It looks like the prince really wants the mother of his sweetheart to like him. On the last night of the games, he even watched the closing ceremony with the women, instead of seating in his VIP seat.


But their encounter during the recent sports competition was not the first time when Meghan Markle's mother met her daughter's noble boyfriend. It is said that the actress introduced her new partner to her mom over a year ago when the couple went to California together. As US Weekly reports, referring to a source close to the famous couple, Doria was impressed by the fact that Harry was so “down-to-earth”.

When the first news about Harry's new girlfriend made the headlines last fall, the press and social media took it quite hard on both women. In response, Kensington Palace published a statement addressed to the media, which is quite a rare event.

Also, the prince tries to do everything to make it easier for Meghan's mom to deal with the sudden attention from the media and reporters. So, it seems like Prince Harry tries to do his best to protect both women.

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