Middle School Students' Rendition Of 'Rise Up' Uplifts Thousands Of People

Date October 19, 2017 14:09

Music has always had a healing and soothing effect on people. Beautiful songs often help us make sense of our feelings, uplifts our soul, and motivates us to keep going. In a world that seems to be getting more troubled as the days go by, we need music now more than ever. So, it made sense that this particular video of children singing would receive millions of views.

A group of students who attend Cardinal Shehan School in Baltimore went viral after a video of their choir practice was posted on Facebook. The children, thinking they would just be rehearsing as usual, had no clue that particular session would turn them into internet sensations and before long, they would be featured on various online and terrestrial media.

The kids did an incredible job singing a rendition of 'Rise Up', which was originally sung by Andra Day. The performance ended up hitting people really hard, mostly because of the heartbreaking stories that have been hitting the news lately. It was exactly what a nation in need of healing really needed.

Kenyatta Hardison, the choir director, decided to make a recording of the session and post it on her Facebook Live Stream. Her plan was for the parents of the kids to see how far they have come in the choir group. Before she knew it, the video had reached over 3 million views within 24 hours, with people frantically sharing the clip with others.

It has since been picked up by major social media accounts, including Washington Post, where it garnered over 18 million views. A lot of people shared how the music even brought them to tears, and we can certainly see why. The pure innocence and talent in their voices made for a truly powerful performance.

This video also led to the question of how beneficial school choir is to kids. According to VocalEssence, a 2009 study showed that choral singing leads to a higher chance of academic success in children. A lot of parents have also said that being a part of a choir group has made their children more inclined to be generous, kinder, and have more confidence.

SpeedKingz / Shutterstock

Seeing these children sing their hearts out, we totally agree that this was a creative outlet for them. Their passion is almost palpable, and you can tell that singing brings out their very best. We hope that more children get the chance to dig that deep and explore their creative side the way these kids are doing.