Artistic Skills Of This Big Guy Allowed Him To Make A Great Performance On A Talent Show


October 13, 2017 09:59 By Fabiosa

We expect to see big guys, such as Oscar Hernandez, on a football field, driving fans crazy. Since childhood, he dreamt to stun people with his talent not only not by scoring goals but doing dance moves!

Oscar was raised by his grandmother, who happened to be a performer, and he knew right away that it was also his mission. But, unfortunately, not everybody felt that way. Being very traditional, his father told him that guys of his size should play football. So, Oscar joined a team just to make him happy, but in his heart, he always knew that his true passion was dance.

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So, when he appeared on the stage of America’s Got Talent, he was pursuing his dream and wanted the world to know about him.

And he did manage to impress not only judges but the audience as well! No one expected such flexibility and artistic skills from such a tough guy but, indeed, dispelled all the stereotypes about him.

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The most surprising was his dancing style. One of the judges, Howie Mandel, even said that he reminded him of those tiny cheerleaders, but he certainly didn’t picture a guy like Oscar with those moves! Heidi Klum told Oscar that,

I think I might like those moves coming from you more than from the girls, to be honest!

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Oscar did the right thing, listening to his heart and following his instinct. Born in Orange City, California, he’s been dancing since the age of 5. He has performed in the styles of Salsa, Hip Hop, Jazz, Cheer, and Pom and Hula. Oscar choreographed and performed with numerous professional dancing teams not just in the US but abroad, thus travelling across the country, teaching, giving master classes and workshops.

He worked as a Dance Director and Manager for the Detroit Pistons Entertainment Teams, where he co-directed half-time shows featuring Sheila E, Flo Rida, Taio Cruz, T-Pain, Salt & Peppa, Jay Sean, and others. Oscar Hernanadez has appeared on television shows, such as Americas Best Dance Crew Tour 2009, Lifetime television’s Dance Moms, and The Ellen Show.

At the moment, he lives in Arizona and continues choreographing for professional sports dance teams and colleges. His wants to direct and choreograph the Las Vegas stage.

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Oscar managed to really rock the audience of America’s Got Talent! It just goes to show once again: don’t judge by the looks!

Check out the video to see his outstanding dance, and please, share if you also think his performance was stunning!

Source:  MusicTalentNow / Youtube

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