Simple Horse-Box Is Turned Into A Beautiful Family Home

Date November 27, 2017

This brand-new rustic luxurious home on wheels, which costs between £30,000 and £60,000 ($39990 and $79983), used to be a horse truck. Just six months ago it was full of hay and smelled like horses’ manure. But thanks to outstanding craftsmen Dean Crago, Jake Churchill and Zack Hawkins it was completely transformed into a beautiful accommodation. The three of them represent a business in Glastonbury, Somerset, called House-Box.

After finishing all the work, they have written a post on their Facebook page, saying how proud they were to present Helga (the truck’s name) “in all her finished glory.” The caption said:

We fully stripped the box, planed the timber back and blasted and repainted the frame. With the addition of lots of engineering and customisations, we built her back up from scratch and added heaps of off-grid wizardry behind the scenes so that her owners can truly be home, wherever in the world they choose to park up.

The house is equipped with electricity, heating, and running water. The company doesn’t reveal the exact cost of the conversion, but the estimated number is between £30,000 and £60,000. The work included raising the ceiling above the cab to make space for the bed for two. Two children can also sleep in a place that unfolds from a wooden bench.

This adorable house measures 150 square feet. All the details and the furniture are crafted from wooden pallets, which were intentionally made as thin as possible to save maximum space. The interior boasts with a fully operational kitchen, which includes an oven, a hob, and a grill. There is also a simple shower. The “horsebox” (a fun name used across the pond) has a gas tank and solar panels for power and a wood burner for heating.

Dean Crago, who has already converted seven horseboxes, previously was a teacher and a café owner. He said:

I was living inside an old minibus and wanted to be afforded the luxuries of a home, so came up with the idea of restoring a horsebox. They are perfect for this kind of conversion because they offer so much space. I built one for myself first and thought it was something other people might like, so packed in my job and started doing it full time.

This particular transformed home is not for sale anymore. The interior is amazingly well-thought and the woodwork is simply stunning. One wonders how such a small space could have been used so wisely, creating a surprisingly open design.

Check out some more examples of the company's superb transformations.

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