Sophomore Took Her Dog To The Class, Now The Doggy Is One Of The Professor's Favorites

Date October 13, 2017 10:32

Having a pet is a huge responsibility, almost like having a baby, and it requires many efforts and flexibility. Jessica Lewis, 19-year-old sophomore at Georgia Southern University, is a responsible pet owner because she certainly does her best to make sure that her dog is fine.

When Hurricane Irma was about to knock at the town’s door, Jessica decided to go back to Atlanta, her home. The tiny bit of a problem was that she had to leave right after the class and didn’t have time to get her dog from her apartment. Jessica had a marvellous idea, but she wasn’t sure her professor would allow it. But she emailed him anyway, asking if she could bring Luna to her class.

Can I bring my dog to class today? It would help me out SO much because your class is my last class of the day and I have to leave as soon as your class gets out.

Jessica said that she realized that he would probably say no, but she hoped that he might be “cool enough professor to say yes”, so she figured it might be worth a shot. She continued explaining that she wanted to beat the storm traffic and returning back to the apartment would delay her trip further.

I promise she’ll be good and only the teeniest bit disruptive. I’ve attached several pictures of her below to help convince you with her cuteness.

And guess what her professor replied?

Did you think calling me “cool” would get me to say yes? Because it won’t work. What will work is that SHE’S OBVIOUSLY A GOOD GIRL SO OF COURSE YOU CAN BRING HER.

So, Luna came and was a total star of the Political Science class! She made new friends among the students, and everyone welcomed her when she walked around the class.

Jessica posted pictures of this on her Facebook page and already received nearly 30,000 shares and about 4,600 comments!

Apparently, Luna’s cuteness has conquered a lot of hearts! We think that she is adorable, too! Please share with us your thoughts.

Source: Jessica Lewis/Facebook

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