After Losing Her Beloved Husband, Meryl Streep Remarried And Now She's Very Happy

Date December 21, 2017

Sometimes, it appears marriages of celebrities are cursed with a short lifespan. Many remarry several times before getting the right one, but some never do.

While most celebrity marriages crash or become talk-of-the-town, one celebrity defies the odds and sets a pace and precedent for other celebrities. That person is Meryl Streep. Now over 40 years and this woman hasn't seized been a phenomenal actress entertaining her world.


About Meryl

She began her career in her 20's. She has that unique ability to blend perfectly into any role she is called to act. She first appeared on stage in the movie Trelawny of the Wells in 1975 and her first award nomination was after she featured in the movie, The Deer Hunter.

Meryl was privileged to have a supportive mother who encouraged and inspired confidence in her ability to take the stage and to make a success of her life. The movie, The Deer Hunter, brought her together with John Cazale, whom she fell in love with.


Hope after a great tragedy

Due to his terminal disease, he didn't even live long to see the debut of the movie. This loss devastated Meryl and she found it hard to move on with life. It was then she found her husband, Don Gummer to whom she has been married all these years.


He gave her his apartment to live in just after John had passed on. From there he developed a love for her and months later they tied the knots in marriage. 

Just like her mother, she has a very supportive husband who praises her efforts and encourages her to reach for more. Having such a man by her side has been a big reason for the success of their marriage. 


Love makes all things good.

Her career does not affect their relationship and they have tried to keep far away from all the frenzy and controversies that come out of Hollywood.


When love is present all other things fall into place. A couple that understands and tolerate one another will go very far and will serve as an example. Maybe being a celebrity and having a good marriage can go together after all.

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Meryl Streep