Kristin, A Mom-To-Be, Had Her Maternity Photo Shoot At Taco Bell, A Place She Loves And Visits Often

Date January 16, 2018 15:24

Kristin Johnston might be heavily pregnant, but that definitely hasn’t taken the spunk and her love for creativity out of her. This informed her decision to go against the grain.

Instead of looking for an elegant photo studio to take her maternity photos in, she decided to turn Taco Bell to her playroom.

Expectant mom

Pregnancy is quite fleeting in regard to parenting. Little wonder, many moms-to-be try as much as they can to capture those special 9 months transitional interim.

Kristin not only wanted to capture the special moments, she decided to make it a truly remarkable and unique memory with a maternity photo shoot at Taco Bell.

Taco Bell maternity photo shoot

When the 33-year-old woman from Atlanta discovered she was pregnant, she knew she had to have a photo shoot at a place she loves. And this happened to be Taco Bell as she frequented the fast food restaurant all the time. And so, during her third trimester, she enlisted the help of her sister, Katie Daniels, to take the pictures at her local fast food spot.

Without taking permission from the staff at Taco Bell, Kristin and Katie showed up and started taking pictures. Passersby’s were intrigued, but mostly, they were supportive as they gave thumbs up.

When she ventured to go inside for some more pictures, the staff were supportive as they allowed her to do so in her red gown behind the counter.

Kristin looking red hot

Kristin, who showed up at the restaurant in her beautiful red gown, finally gave birth to her son, Teddy. After being discharged from the hospital, she once again made it to her favorite food joint to grab a bite before she continued her journey home. Such is her love for Taco Bell.

Sharing her pictures and her story on her blog and social media handles has gotten her nothing but sweet responses.

Be it a mountain as your backdrop or looking glorious and beautiful at the beach with the sunset behind you, you can never go wrong in your maternity dress, as the essence of it all is to capture that very special moment and to create a memory that is timeless.

Just like Kristin, take the initiative, be different, and create a maternity photo shoot memory of your own.

And our sincere congratulations to the new mom!

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