School Coach Gets Help From His Team To Surprise His Girlfriend With A Dance As Marriage Proposal

Date October 20, 2017

Every tiny detail plays a big part when it comes to making a marriage proposal as great as possible. But this guy decided to surprise his girlfriend with an extraordinary dance performance, which was not just some kind of choreographic routine, but completely the opposite!

Brandon Barnhart is a coach of the school basketball team from Iowa. He has a girlfriend with a wonderful name Hannah. Brandon loves Hannah very much, and so he decided it was time for them to get married. But the guy wanted to make his proposal one of the kind and especially noteworthy for his future bride.

Tyler Stillmunkes/YouTube

In this inspiring video, Barnhart gathered the whole basketball team and other students and asked their help in preparing a cool dance for Hannah. The students agreed to help their favorite coach with no hesitation. They arranged a mini-concert, dancing to Bruno Mars’ song “I Think I Wanna Marry You.” You may watch this inspiring moment in the video below.

The dance performance, which ended with a wedding ring, was so impressive and emotional at the same time, that the future bride just couldn’t say “No.” Definitely, Hannah was the one, who enjoyed the dance most of all, as we may see from her happy smile and shining eyes. We wish a loving couple to be extremely happy in their marriage life. Hope this specific and so adorable beginning of the big day will stay in their memory for many years.