Rebel Wilson Sings Google Translated Versions Of Christmas Holiday Songs

Date December 21, 2017

Christmas is one of the most anticipated celebrations that end every year. There is almost always a flurry of activities leading up to the 25th of December. One thing that marks the yuletide is music and Christmas Carols in particular.They are sung in many countries all over the world, and even translated into many different languages.

This year, one hilarious actor got in on the spirit of the season by singing some popular carols but in a most peculiar way. She is none other than the blonde beauty, Rebel Wilson.

Rebel Wilson is best known for her performance as Fat Amy in the Pitch Perfect franchise. Before that, she scored roles in A Few Best Men, What to Expect When You're Expecting and Struck by Lightning. Her outstanding performances culminated in Variety naming her one of their "Top Ten Comics to Watch for 2011".

Do re mi?

Rebel joined Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show this past Tuesday to share some Christmas cheer by singing popular holiday songs.

The show started off as usual. First, Jimmy introduced Rebel and her task, singing popular carols. But this was not to be any regular sing-off. The songs were run through the popular language translator, Google Translate. And the results were hilarious.

If you have ever tried translating words from one language to another, you may have noticed that what you get may be a far cry from meaningful. For this segment, Jimmy did it twice, converting from one language to another, and then to another.

Rebel’s rendition of the translated songs will probably leave you reeling after the first few lines. Watch her full performance in the video below.

Some of the lines were just baffling, but Rebel did a particularly good job. She belted out the lines, some of them totally meaningless, with as much enthusiasm as an operetta. Some of the words and phrases may have sounded interesting. Others were just bizzare.

Still, we know most people rather walk in winter wonderlands than run through the land of cold unknowns. Finally, the audience was invited to join in the hilarious choruses while Jimmy could hardly contain himself. Clearly, everyone had fun and shared a laugh or two.

'Tis the season to be jolly.

Google Translate Holiday Songs were the name of the segment and it was designed to poke some friendly fun at the tech giant and their popular translation software. Seems like Google still has some learning to do for its program.

After this, Google may probably create a whole new algorithm, especially for detecting carols. And maybe Jimmy may invite Rebel back on the show next year just to see how much has changed. Still...who knows.

Hilarity aside, Rebel Wilson does know how to carry a tune. Most of all, the exercise was in the spirit of the season and no carols (be they in English or some other distant related language) were harmed in the production of the segment.

Rebel Wilson will be starring in the comedy Isn't It Romantic, due for release in 2019. You can keep an eye out. We are pretty sure she will have an equally hilarious outing.

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