Not All Bad: Fans Share Their Warm Experiences With Much Loved Celebs

Date December 22, 2017

For many fans of celebrities and famous people, meeting their icons is always a special moment. Whether they be at fashionable red carpets or casual meets at the local grocery store, there is something special about these meetings.

Are they all bad? Clearly not.

Of course, not everyone has a pleasant story to tell. The recent slate of harassment allegations in the media has put a sour twist to the pleasant appeal that celebrities have enjoyed for years.

However, one individual on Twitter, who goes by the name @BAKKOOONN, decided to change the narrative. In this tweet, he calls out to people on Twitter. The message offers to share your pleasant experiences with celebrities or famous people. He even gave a few examples as pointers.

As if on command, the floodgates opened, and allegations began to flow. This tweet was shared by @ESL_teach about Sarah Silverman:

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Someone even had a few words to share about Twins stars, Danny Devito and Rhea Pearlman:

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@harris had this to say about the reclusive Matrix star, Keanu Reeves:

His suspicions were then confirmed in this follow up by @susie_c:

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One lucky intern also had this delightful tweet to share about The Green Mile star, Tom Hanks:

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There are even more people out there with pleasant allegations about famous people, especially those in Hollywood. So yes, they probably are not so bad after all.

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