Princess Eugenie's Wedding: Prince Philip Was Not Too Fond Of Being In The Same Room With Eugenie's Mother, Sarah Ferguson

Date July 18, 2018

Time definitely doesn't heal all wounds, at least, not Royal size ones. It's been over 20 years and Prince Philip still loathes Sarah Ferguson for dragging the family name through the mud with her scandal back in 1992.

Time hasn't changed anything between the Duke of Edinburgh and his ex-daughter-in-law, as he still very much hates her gut and doesn't even try to hide it.

Prince Philip could be very frosty to Sarah Ferguson.

Sarah has two daughters with her former husband, Prince Andrew. Their second daughter, Eugene, is set to tie the knot to her fiancé Jack Brooksbank in autumn this year.

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The mother of the Princess, who hasn't been estranged from the royal family for over twenty years, will be attending the wedding alongside the royal family, a fact Prince Philip was not very happy about.

Due to the scandal in 1992 that led to Ferguson's exit from the royal family, Prince Philip still very much hates his ex-daughter in law for what she did. If past meetings are anything to go by, then the atmosphere between the two at the wedding is sure to be frosty.

The scandal between Sarah Ferguson and John Bryan

The 58-year-old British writer and TV personality was born in 1959, to Major Ronald Ferguson (1931-2003) and his first wife, Susan (1937-1998). After her parents got divorced, Sarah continued to live with her dad.

She got married to Prince Andrew in 1986, when he got the title the Duke of York, while she became the Duchess of York.

In 1992, after six years of marriage, Ferguson and Prince Andrew's marriage hit the rocks. It was reported that while Sarah was at Balmoral with the royal family, a picture of her topless surfaced in the tabloids.

In the photo, her supposed financial Advisor, John Bryan, was sucking on her toe while she was topless. Prince Philip and the Queen were shocked and furious. The scandal led to Ferguson's exit from the royal family.

Sarah and the royal family

1. Sarah, Eugenie, and Jack.

It seems that Jack is part of the family already. In this photo, Sarah steps out in the company of her daughter and her soon-to-be son-in-law, Jack.

2. Prince Philip and the Queen at Royal Ascot.

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh look dashing as they attend the 2017 Royal Ascot.

7. Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth ll.

The Queen and Duke attend a gathering at the Princess Royal and Duke of Fife Memorial Park in Scotland.

3. Prince Andrew and Sarah's engagement.

The two share a photo of Sarah spotting a very lovely engagement ring.

4. Sarah and Prince Andrew's wedding photo.

A throwback picture of their wedding in 1982, alongside members of the royal family.

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5. Sarah and Prince Andrew.

The couple attended a gala while Sarah was pregnant with their first child, Beatrice.

6. Sarah and Prince Andrew at Royal Ascot.

It seems these two might be aiming to work things out and get back together. They sure look good together as they step out in public during the 2015 Royal Ascot.

7. Sarah and Prince Andrew in recent times.

Whether they remarry or not, these two will surely remain friends. They definitely look like the best of friends in this photo.

More about the royal family

1. Sarah at the Queen's 60th birthday.

Way back then, it seems the Queen was quite fond of Sarah as she attended the Queen's 60th birthday.

2.The Queen's 70th anniversary.

To celebrate the occasion, the Queen and Duke took a new photographic portrait at the white drawing room at Windsor Castle.

3. The Queen and Duke are definitely the perfect-picture of growing old together.


Princess Eugenie's wedding is going to be the second royal marriage this year, and we can't wait to hear more about it.

What are your thoughts about Prince Philip and Sarah Ferguson?

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