Irksome Reasons Why Melania Trump Hates Living In The White House With Her Husband

Date April 20, 2018

It's certainly a rough time around the White House these days. Melania Trump recently broke silence over her husband's alleged affairs. She urged media not to include her son's name in the articles about this story, for his protection. The infidelity problem aside, it seems that the First Lady already wasn't too happy about living in Washington.


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The public recently found out more about the presidential couple's problems from the book Fire And Fury. Its author, journalist Michael Wolff, revealed that Donald and Melania sleep in separate bedrooms. But there are more reasons why Melania hates living in the White House.

She didn't want to move

Melania and Barron didn't follow their head of the family to Washington immediately after the election. Reportedly, the First Lady wanted her son to finish his school year, but there's more to it.


Sources claim she loved living in their Trump tower penthouse and simply didn't want to move.

She values her privacy

You might be surprised, but Melania is a very private person and always avoided spotlight prior to her husband becoming the most influential person in the country. Many speculated that she wasn't happy about Donald's new title, and she didn't want to become the First Lady in the slightest.


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The media's eye glued onto the Trump family ever since the election and hasn't let anything by. For someone like Melania, it's a big issue.

No one was paying attention to her two years ago. They went about their day. Now, it’s a 24/7 tornado. She hates it.

It messes up with her lifestyle

In a 2015 interview, Melania Trump revealed that her routine largely consisted of taking care of her son, reading, playing tennis, and doing Pilates. She preferred to take it easy and keep a low profile.

These days, however, the First Lady's duties are seriously messing up Melania's schedule. She's constantly attending various luncheons, dinners with state leaders, and other public affairs. "There’s not a lot of peaceful downtime, ... this lifestyle doesn’t work for her," a source said.

Donald is sensing something

Last month, the President gave a speech at the Gridiron Club Dinner. It's a lighthearted event where attendees can joke around and poke at each other a bit. One of Trump's funny remarks was aimed at his wife.


He started by pointing out that many people are leaving the White House these days, and then he took a turn for the worse:

I like turnover. I like chaos. It really is good. Now the question everyone keeps asking is, 'Who is going to be the next to leave? Steve Miller or Melania?'


Considering all circumstances, Trump really shouldn't joke like that, or else someday it will come true.

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