This Cat Was Warming Up An Abandoned Baby For Hours To Save Him From Freezing To Death

Date April 11, 2018

It turns out dogs aren't the only pets suitable for the nanny's role. Cats are often regarded as territorial; however, they can develop protective feelings towards babies. Felines view them as 'people-kitten', especially is they show signs of illness.


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There are some instances of cats saving abandoned babies, and one of such stories happened very recently.

The feline hero

In Russia, a stray cat, called Masha by locals, found an abandoned infant in a box. Masha climed inside to warm up the baby, since the temperature outside was below zero.

The baby was left in a block of flats, where residents discovered him a few hours after he was dumped there. The cat curled up around the infant and licked his face, in an effort to keep him warm.


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Upon finding the baby, the residents alerted the authorities immediately, and help arrived on time. "The baby had only been outside for a few hours and thanks to Masha, … he was not damaged by the experience," said a hospital representative.

Masha has been deemed a hero, and locals have been rewarding her with a ton of treats.

This story also helped the baby get adopted quicker than usual. The agency announced that they had a month to find the rescued boy a new home, and got tons of applications, all thanks to the publicity.

The lucky boy is living with his new-found family now, and Masha gave birth to her own kittens.

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