8 Ideas For A Romantic Valentine’s Day Present

Date January 23, 2018

Valentine’s Day, the romantic holiday which is celebrated annually on February 14th, is a good occasion to show others how much you love and appreciate them. It is the day when we shouldn’t hide our emotions and express the real feelings and attitude.

Of course, it is not an easy task to choose the right greetings for such a special day. It is always rather complicated to find something other person might definitely like. But it might be a good idea to see some variants of the gifts and get some ideas.

Here are some of the most romantic Valentine’s Day greetings:

3. Beautiful heart balloons and teddy bears

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4. Cute shiny lamp-star

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5. Pendant with two hearts from him

6. Soft pink blanket and little owl

I, received a call three days back from DTDC informing me, I have received a courier and I should come, collect it.Call came while I was busy running around in the cafe. So, I didn’t really bother to ask from whom and from where. Time passed and this morning while again rushing to work, I realised that I have a courier waiting for me. I reached the courier office. And found this bluish coloured pack. And as soon as I saw the name of the person who had send me the packet, I jumped with excitement. And started to open the pack in DTDC office itself. I was thrilled!! My OWL had sent me something. My OWL sent me an owl with this warm scarf. I was more curious to search the packet to find a letter. For, I knew there has to be one in there. I didn’t took long to start reading it while walking down the streets of Manali market. My eyes were filled with the tears of joy. It’s one of the best Christmas gift I have ever received. She took time out to write me this while on a quick five minutes break. And that what makes it even more special. I love you my owl. I am full of gratitude that I have you in my life. Can’t wait to have you here with me. Have piled on so many things in my mind to tell you over our favourite drink. #friendslikefamily #mybestie #myfavouritegirl #giftfromher #surprisegift #letter #words #loveyou #cantwaittoseeyou #chritsmasgift

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7. Cute soft slippers

8. Travel watch from him

After so many different variants it might be easier to get some good ideas for the holiday shopping spree. It doesn’t matter at all what the price of the gift is. But it should come from the heart, and that is what really matters.

While presenting the gift, don’t forget to say “I Love You.”