Heart-Touching Mom’s Reaction To Her Baby Girl Giving Birth After Some Complications

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March 30, 2018 10:28 By Fabiosa

The childbirth is a true miracle, but seeing your child becoming a mother for the first time arises the feeling that can’t be simply put into words.


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22-year-old Kalyn McMillan from Texas and her husband Zach have been married for a year, and they felt like they were ready to expand their little family. They’ve traveled, they’ve enjoyed spending time with their friends, and they’ve lived enough for them to realize that it’s time to do the next step – have children.

Just in three months after the life-changing decision was made, Kalyn got pregnant. She planned everything to a tee, hoping that all will go just as she imagined it. But, sadly, it didn’t happen that way.

Kalyn began to have complications at around 24 weeks of pregnancy when the doctor told her she was at risk of having to have a C-section and had to be put on best rest at 33 weeks.

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I was devastated. I had this perfect picture of how my pregnancy and delivery would go, and possibly having to have a C-section left me feeling completely out of control.

She hired a photographer to capture her pregnancy, but it wasn’t possible to do due to complications with high blood pressure, so she asked the photographer to capture the birth instead.

After four long weeks of bed rest, the 22-year-old mom delivered a healthy baby boy – the first male born into either side of her family in 25 years.

Kalyn credits her mom, who was in the delivery room with her for the whole time, for being her biggest supporter. She lost a baby girl just 11 months before Kalyn was born, so in her eyes, getting pregnant for the second time was a gift from God.

Her reaction to Kalyn becoming a mom was heart-touching.

Now, as a mother myself, I can confidently say that her expression to her miracle baby girl having a baby of her own could not have been captured more perfectly.

The photographer managed to capture the best moments of this wonderful story.

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