No Rest For Kate: Pregnant Kate Middleton Сarried Out More Public Engagements Than Prince William Or Prince Harry

Date April 13, 2018

Despite being in her final months of pregnancy, Kate is not slowing down. She clearly understands her royal obligations and keeps supporting causes that are important to her, which she will probably continue supporting well into her nineties.


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As the Duchess comes closer to her eighth year as a royal, she is creating a meaningful role for herself – a role that she will carry out for a long time. So instead of slowing down in her third pregnancy, she keeps herself busier than ever.


Not only Kate doubled the quantity of engagements she undertook in her previous two pregnancies, but she has also undertaken more public engagements than Prince William and Prince Harry since she came back to the public scene after suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum.

While both pronces haven’t exactly been chilling at home as their diaries are completely full, not to mention the wedding plans for Harry, it was Kate who made her public mark before her third maternity leave.


Because of hyperemesis gravidarum, the Duchess had to take some time off at the beginning of her pregnancies. During the first one, she took 10 days off and when she came back, she undertook 19 engagements in the next six months before taking one month off.

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While being pregnant with Princess Charlotte, Kate took almost two months off and then undertook 25 engagements in the following six months. But this time around, she took six weeks off, but after she came back to work, Kate performed 46 public engagements in the next six months before the maternity leave.


Comparing to 44 for William and 31 for Harry, that is very impressive!


Kate has been also carrying out her engagements as a wife and mother as she was spotted grocery shopping just days before giving birth.

We are taking the hat off to you, Kate!

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