What Grace Told Diana: Friendship Details Between Two Princesses

Date April 13, 2018

They were both blonde and beautiful, they both married into royalty, they both were younger than their husbands, and they were both devoted mothers  – Princess of Monaco and Princess of Wales had a lot in common, including their untimely deaths in car accidents.


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The week after the news of Charles and Diana’s engagement was announced in 1981, the bride-to-be was ready to carry out her first public engagement – a poetry reading at Goldsmith Hall, which Grace Kelly was attending as well.

Bewildered by press photographers and wearing a dress two sizes smaller, Diana was in need of help, which she received from Princess of Monaco.

After seeing the panic in the eyes of the young Diana, Princess Grace asked if she would accompany her to the ladies room for a chat.

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When tears came streaming down from Diana’s eyes, Grace patted her shoulder, then capped Diana’s face in her hands and said jokingly:

Don’t worry, dear. You’ll see – it’ll only get worse.

And this was the beginning of the friendship between the two princesses.


When Grace died in the aftermath of a car accident, Diana insisted that she had to attend the funeral, and so she did, saying the last goodbye to her friend.


Grace Kelly was not the only celebrity friend of the late Princess of Wales. She was also good friends with Liza Minnelli, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Freddie Mercury, John Travolta, and many more.


From a shy and frightened girl, she turned into a confident and graceful woman - the People’s Princess, who everyone adored. Maybe those minutes in the ladies room with Princess of Monaco helped her transform into the wonderful woman we knew.

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