64 Is A New ‘Young’ For Christie Brinkley, And Mt. Kilimanjaro Is Not A Limit

Date February 9, 2018

Christie Brinkley or Christine Lee Hudson – the name the actress and model was given at birth – is famous all over the world owing to her magnificent beauty and talent. She started her career as a model and gained her popularity due to her photos on the covers of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. For more than 25 years, she’s been the face of CoverGirl, and all kinds of brands wanted her to work with them.

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Christie has been married four times, but this didn’t make her lose her career. She started doing lots of jobs as an actress and TV personality.

Beauty secrets of Christie Brinkley

Recently, the beauty model has celebrated her 64 years. She has thrown a great 'HAIRlarious Birthday Party'. The woman admits she’s been always afraid of the age of 64, particularly because of the Beatles’ song. However, now, she tries not to get immersed in sad thoughts and looks on the bright side.

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She has huge plans. And her key to being always young is working on yourself, and conquering Mt. Kilimanjaro is not a limit!

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The beauty tells that hatred and anger makes us old, so getting rid of these feelings is the best we can do! She also stresses on the importance of healthy eating and physical exercises. And to top all that, Christie recommends wearing a smile!


Christie Brinkley’s marriages and three children

Her three children are what makes her look younger. The model spends a lot of time with them. She’s been in 4 marriages and has 3 kids - Alexa, 32, Jack, 22, and Sailor, 19.

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Alexa is the daughter of the musician Billy Joel. Jack is a son of a real estate developer Richard Rayubman. Sailor is a kid of an architect Peter Halsey Cook.

She’s happy with everything she has, smiles at her life, and it smiles at her back!

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