Camilla Wasn’t The First Love Of Prince Charles. Apparently, He Had A Forbidden Secret Of His Own

Date February 2, 2018

History knows a multitude of cases when people had to marry others against their will. The reasons for that were numerous, and those unfortunate ones were helpless in the face of those reasons. Of course, some of them were as important as the duty to your country. And it’s actually the case of Prince Charles and his first love.

Lucia – the first love of Prince Charles

Back then, Prince Charles was studying at Cambridge University. By a happy coincidence, he met Lucia Santa Cruz and fell in love with the girl. They spent lots of time together, and their dates were always closely monitored by the press. Once, the paparazzi were lucky enough to take a photo of them sitting in a car on their way from the Fortune Theatre, London.

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The couple was inseparable, but one thing stood in their way to getting married: Lucia was the daughter of the former Chilean ambassador to London, and she was a Roman Catholic. And as far as it's known, the heir to the throne was allowed to marry only a Protestant.


Friendship with Lucia Santa Cruz

Nevertheless, their relationship hasn’t ended that easily. They stayed good friends till nowadays. And it’s reported that it was Lucia Santa Cruz who introduced Charles to Camilla Parker Bowles. Back then, her name was Camilla Shand.

True love

It was Camilla who became a true and only love of Charles. They created their own families separately: Charles married Lady Diana, Camilla married Andrew Parker-Bowles, a retired military officer. But their love was more than that.

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