Cosmetic Enhancement: Rodrigo Alves Makes History As The First Man To Have Four Ribs Removed

Date February 1, 2018

34-year-old Brazilian, Rodrigo Alves, is the first man to have four of his floating ribs removed.

Known famously to love plastic surgery procedures, he originally wanted six of his ribs removed, but was dissuaded by surgeons for fear that the outcome could collapse Rodrigo’s lungs.

The first man to have 4 ribs removed

With a history of not leaving out any expense for his previous procedures, Rodrigo was more than willing to let go of £28,000 ($40,000) in exchange for a slimmer waist.

In an interview on This Morning in London, Alves, when asked his reason for going under the knife, said:

I have had to do this so I don’t have to get my blazers refitted as they were all too tight. Now they all fit again and my tailor will be out of a job.

He went on to mention the care and measures taken to ensure none of his internal organs was compromised because of the procedure, and he ends the interview stating:

Plastic surgery has changed my life.

Who is Rodrigo Alves and how did he look like before?

From Sao Paulo in Brazil, Rodrigo Alves also holds British nationality. Descending from European immigrants who settled in Brazil in the 1940s, Rodrigo is heir to a huge inheritance of his family’s extensive holdings in business enterprise and property.

Due to his wealth, the 34-year-old Brazilian has gone to great lengths to reinvent himself through plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancements over the years. He has spent to the sum of £480,000 ($68,4000) on various procedures.

Dr. Michael K. Obeng performed the removal of his 11th and 12th pair of ribs in Los Angeles, marking Alves’ 60th cosmetic procedure. Rodrigo’s obsession with plastic surgery has earned him a spot in 56 TV shows and speaking slots in conferences to share his experience.

Alves struggled with his appearance while growing up, and was constantly being bullied by his peers while in Brazil. It was after he moved to London that he decided to get a nose job, setting his journey into cosmetic reconstruction.

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Before his transformation, Rodrigo featured a fuller face and a chubby physique.

Other pictures of Rodrigo Alves now

Here are some of Alves' pictures for you to see where he is right now and where he came from.

Now over to you. What do you think about his obsession with cosmetic enhancements?

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