70-Year-Old Hollywood Star Sam Neill Starts Dating A Political Journalist

Date February 12, 2018

Even if you are 70 (or older), you can find love and start a serious relationship. And Kiwi Hollywood actor Sam Neill proves that by starting dating an Australian political journalist Laura Tingle.

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Who are they?

Laura Tingle's beau is none other than a famous actor and winemaker who is best known for his roles in The Piano and Jurassic Park. Having Emmy and Golden Globe nominations, Neill is internationally recognized for his contribution to TV and film industry.

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And what about his beloved? Laura is a famous author and journalist working for the Australian Financial Review.

The two met through friends in 2017 and went public in January 2018.

Flirting online

Actually, fans of the two can trace their flirty messages on Twitter back to March 2017 when Neill tagged his new sweetheart for the first time. Joking about not being allowed into Prime Minister’s victory party, he made a political joke, provoking the journalist’s cheekily response.

And this is how their flirtatious friendship began. Two months later, the pair already had inside jokes that only two of them understood. For example, only the couple knows what this hobby horse championship tweet is about.

Laura made no secret of her adoration for Sam. In summer, she tweeted a snap of the book sporting Neill on its cover and used a sweet hashtag 'aw'. Perhaps, this was the time their relationship started developing romantically.

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Jurassic Park star also did not hide his interest for the veteran journalist and her work, constantly tagging her in various political news.

In August 2017, Tingle joked with another Twitter user online about being 'desperately in love' with the star. And it turned out to be true.

Previous relationships

We hope this relationship will be happy and long-lasting for the couple as Neill was not as successful in his previous marriages. Sam has three kids and two ex-wives – Noriko Watanabe and Lisa Harrow.

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The actor has homes in three countries, including the United States, Australia, and New Zealand, and owns a winery called Two Paddocks, which he is very passionate about. Hopefully, his new love will also share this hobby. And we also hope that Sam and Laura will not be the only celebrity couple to find love this year.

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