Actress Janis Paige Reveals The Case Of Being 'Torn Apart' By Late Comic Don Rickles. But Now, She Misses Him

Date April 23, 2018

A year ago, the world lost another great talent – stand-up comedian Don Rickles. The legendary comic was known for earning quite a living making fun of stars, major public figures, and just people of all colors and creeds. No matter if you were poor or rich and famous, it didn’t stop the rapid-fire insult machine from mocking you.


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At home, he was a loving husband and a good guy. But on stage, Rickles laid into anyone who paid to see him. And most of victims loved it, including hot-tempered Frank Sinatra.

Still, there were a few who did not take kindly to such treatment. Janis Paige, an actress and a singer famous for numerous movies, Broadway musicals, and her own CBS show, was one of the first Rickles’ targets. And the memory of being made fun of still stings her.


In 1957, Paige was on top of her career. One night, she decided to visit the Slate Brothers Club where Don held his performance. A few minutes into the show, he mentioned to the audience that Paige was in the room.

And then, the tirade began

© The House Across the Street (1949) / Warner Bros.

As the actress says:

Don proceeded to tear apart my ripe old "over the hill" age of 34, my looks, my talent, and my successes.

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He even made hints about who she had slept with to get to the top of her career. Needless to say, Janis was embarrassed, shocked, and mad.


A year later, she met Rickles again and thought it was high time to tell him how she felt. In his return, Don was very apologetic and sweet. But as she walked away, he said:

Get over yourself, Janis. Hell, get over yourself!

Now, as she pays the tribute to late Rickles, the actress thanks the comedian for reminding everyone that life is just a comedy act. And she genuinely misses him since there’s no replacement.


Don’s widow Barbara also shared a sweet tribute to her late husband on the anniversary of his death. In a touching tweet, she posted a sketch of the comedian:

In remembrance of my beloved husband, Don, who always said, 'Keep my name alive'. Never to be forgotten.


You will forever be missed, Don Rickles!

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