At 46, Monica Potter May Be Pregnant With Her Fourth Child

Date January 18, 2018

Monica Potter posted this photo just yesterday, and it has been raising a lot of dust. In it, the 46-year-old actress stands in a kitchen wearing a white top and dark blue pants. What really got people talking was not her outfit but her protruding belly. Potter also shared a cryptic note with the post, “I have something to share…

I have something to share...

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Although this is not an official statement, speculations are rife that Potter may expect a child.

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Potter has three children already. The first two, Liam, 23, and Daniel, 27, were born while she was married to Tom Potter.

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Molly Brigid is Potter's daughter. She is 12 now and was born in Potter's current relationship with Daniel Christopher Allison. He is an orthopedic surgeon at USC County Hospital

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Fans and followers of the actress have been sending congratulatory messages despite the ambiguity of the post. Potter shared this message on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

She said she was done having kids

Potter while speaking to PEOPLE in 2009 talked about her children and how she unintentionally spaced them. Also, at the time, she declared that she was done having kids.

I have one every decade. So I started in my teens, then I had one in my 20s, and then my 30s. Enough now. No more.

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Whether Monica Potter has changed her mind is still up for speculation. And attempts to get official information have failed. Still, we expect the TV star to respond in good time.

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