After 36 Years Of Marriage, Dustin Hoffman And His Wife Lisa Talk About Their Long Lasting Partnership

Date December 21, 2017 11:08

Hollywood with its share of stupefying drama has been unable to affect the 2 time Oscar winning movie star Dustin Hoffman and his beauty executive wife Lisa Hoffman. Almost 4 decades after tying the knots in Roxbury, Connecticut, their marriage is still going rock solid.


Their love story

Dustin was 16 years old when he met Lisa’s parents for the first time. The occasion was at their wedding where he serenaded guest with his music. Lisa was still cozied up in her mom’s womb as her mom was pregnant with her then. But who knows, she might have heard the music and fallen straight in love with the skilled pianist right there and then.

Ten years later after she was born, with Hoffman aged 27 at this time, both of them finally met at a family get together. It was a memorable occasion for them as Lisa recalled Hoffman being the life of the party that day.


He was causing the guests to reel with laughter with his jokes as well as making sure Lisa dance even when she didn't want to. Suffice it to say that struck it off immediately as a great friendship developed between both of them.

Hoffman made it a point of duty to visit Lisa whenever he visited his mom who was friends with Lisa’s grandmother. As a matter of fact, they lived on the same street. After Lisa’s grandfather died, Hoffman visited to pay his last respect to the deceased. From there, both himself and Lisa built great chemistry that has culminated in almost 40 years of long-lasting marriage.


Marriage is a lot of work.

This is directly from the lips of Lisa, the lawyer turned a very successful beauty executive admitted as much that marriage is a lot of hard work. This was in response to a question posed to her by “Closer Weekly” in July, this year:

Knowing that I would spend the rest of my life with Dustin and this will include a lot of traveling, we made up our minds to work on it from the get-go. says Lisa.

She further went on to say that herself and her beau of almost 40 years had to reach a compromise early on that they were going to stick together no matter how challenging things got for them.

They also made the decision to travel around the world together to all of Dustin’s movie set knowing how tough it was to travel together and going with their 4 kids too. Their reasoning was that the constant travels required of actors usually have a crippling effect on their marriages and they were determined not to make distance creep into their own marriage.


Compromising for love.

Also, Lisa had to pass over her career in law to follow her passion for the beauty world knowing that she could combine that better with Hoffman’s traveling routine.

Even though Tinseltown is notorious for all shades of divorce yet these two have proven to us that it is possible to have a happy marriage that lasts for years.

It took sacrifice, compromise, knowing what they both want from the beginning and going for it, perseverance, forgiveness and more but they did it. Their marriage stands as a beacon of hope to all. Keep rocking you both.

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