Due To Her Mother's Diagnosis, Marg Helgenberger Became An Advocate In The Fight Against Cancer

Date December 22, 2017 16:47

Marg Helgenberger, an award-winning actress, plays a criminal investigator on the TV series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. But in real life, she fights against another enemy: breast cancer, with which her mother was diagnosed when Marg was a college junior.

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Tragedy in the family

Marg was packing up to get on the flight home when her mother told her over the phone that she had found a lump in her breast. She was a nurse, so she definitely knew something was wrong but still tried to calm down her daughter.

Upon landing, the actress got to know that her mother had had a mastectomy. Helgenberger was devastated and burst into tears because everything seemed surreal.

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At the hospital, they received another bad news. The cancer had spread, and soon, her mother had to undergo another surgery. Afterward, she had chemotherapy for about seven months, which affected her both physically and emotionally. But the way she handled her disease is what changed Marg’s perspective on life.

Today, her mother is cancer-free and is doing great, but Helgenberger’s memories remain in the forefront of her mind.

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Raising awareness

That is why she decided to become an advocate in the battle with cancer. Of course, her mother had a second chance, but not all people are so lucky. That is why the actress believes it is her job to help raise money and awareness of others.

Helgenberger have joined The Safeway Foundation and Stand Up To Cancer to help stop breast cancer. Every year, she attends Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure where she spreads her story and encourages other people to join her in this fight. The actress also travels to Nebraska and hosts events that benefit her hometown’s medical center.

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Staying healthy

Unfortunately, the fear of the disease still haunts her family members. Her sister was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, but medical advancements helped detect it early enough. Marg is also at an increased risk of having the disease, so she has her own strategies for staying healthy. The actress stresses the importance of doing breast self-exams and having annual mammograms. She also believes that exercise is a key to health and understands the significant role of good nutrition.

We all hope the actress and her family members will stay healthy and appreciate Marg’s role in the battle with the disease.

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