Doctors Decided To Biopsy This Baby’s Fatal Brain Tumor, But They Discovered She Was Completely Healed

Date March 8, 2018 15:25

Sometimes, we witness real miracles. And that’s what happened to this family. | 9 On Your Side / YouTube

One day, Carissa and Matt Hatfield spotted that something was wrong with their daughter’s smile. It was shortly after her birth. When the little girl named Paisley smiled, one side of her mouth didn’t move. Her parents took the baby to the doctor, and he recommended a scan. When doctors took a closer look, the news was not good. They discovered an unidentifiable mass in the baby’s brain.

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Carissa and Matt rushed the girl to the hospital for a biopsy; at the same time, they asked their family and friends to pray for their child. And a true miracle happened. When the doctor went in to get that biopsy, he found nothing. The fatal tumor just disappeared, and no one could explain why. | 9 On Your Side / YouTube

Paisley’s parents don’t look far for a reason behind the incredible recovery; they believe their prayers had worked. What an amazing story!

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