Romeo Beckham Once Suffered From Epilepsy. Today, He's A Thriving Social Media Model

Date December 14, 2017 14:10

In 2006, the Beckhams disclosed that their son Romeo was diagnosed with epilepsy. At the time, the boy was only 4 years old.

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Epilepsy - The condition and causes

Epilepsy is a condition that affects the nervous system and often leads to seizures and loss of consciousness.

According to Professor Martin J. Brodie from the Western Infirmary Epilepsy Unit in Glasgow, it's not a mental condition but a physical one. And it's actually more common than a lot of people think. He also added that it's not a disability, and every single person has a potential of experiencing it.

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While trying to briefly explain the condition, Brodie said: "our brain is constantly receiving hundreds of tiny electrical messages from the environment and our internal organs."

According to him, there may sometimes be a disruption in this process, which then causes the brain cells to fire at a very fast rate - and this can lead to an epileptic feat.

Victoria Beckham disclosed her son's condition in 2006

When Romeo was four years old, his mother Victoria Beckham revealed that he was diagnosed with epilepsy. She reportedly admitted this to protect her son from the paparazzi photographers because camera flashes have been known to trigger an epileptic fit.

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She also said that because of his condition, the boy made four hospital visits in three years, and he was being treated.

This admission came following an incident where cameras began flashing as Victoria and her children, Brooklyn, Cruz, and Romeo, returned to Britain from Madrid. Romeo reportedly reacted violently as he shielded his eyes against the flashes, while his mother hurriedly guided him to their car.

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The correspondents continued to pursue the family and captured a moment where Romeo was screaming in terror and kicking wildly. The singer was forced to tell the truth as she lashed out at the photographer saying: "Leave him alone. He's got epilepsy. All that flashing will start an epileptic fit. You can't do that!"

Romeo Beckham today

Now, it seems like Romeo overcame his epileptic days. He does not seem to shy away from the cameras anymore. In fact, taking pictures is a major part of him. With over a million followers, the 15-year-old seems to be garnering fame on his own as an Instagram star.

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His IG page is filled with many pictures of himself, his family, and things that interest him.

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It's pretty cool to see that the handsome young man is now so much healthier and does not seem to have a problem with life in the spotlight. This is good as a lot of his followers and fans are always looking forward to his next big move.

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