9 Things We Can Learn From The Queen To Stay Healthy And Sharp Well Into Old Age

Date March 23, 2018

The Queen is turning 92 this year, and she seems to be perfectly healthy. Some may argue that’s because she has the best healthcare available to her, but the head of the royal family has always led a healthy lifestyle and engaged in activities that still keep her mind sharp and agile. Many of us can probably pick up a few of the Queen’s habits to have better chances to stay healthy well into old age.

Here are 10 things that help Queen Elizabeth II maintain her good health and sharp mind:

1. Being active.

The Queen has always enjoyed horseback riding and long outdoor walks, and she also walks her dogs daily. Her Royal Majesty is on her feet a lot during public engagements and other events. She has been quite active her whole life, and physical activity is the most important element in the formula for longevity.


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2. Not smoking.

King George VI, the Queen’s father, died from lung cancer at the age of 56. His smoking habit and its sad consequence made Elizabeth II averse to smoking.

3. Good genes

A healthy lifestyle plays a major role in living a long life, but genes are also important. Many of the Queen’s ancestors lived long lives. The Queen Mother lived 101 years, and we can reliably predict that her daughter will reach that age and may live even longer.

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4. Having a pet.

The Queen’s is known for her love of dogs, and her beloved pets may have something to do with her good health. Numerous studies have shown that dog owners have lower levels of stress and lower blood pressure.

5. Healthy eating.

The Queen eats simple, unprocessed foods, and her diet is quite diverse. She rarely eats any sugary foods and doesn’t eat starchy foods.

6. Drinking tea.

In keeping with one of the best British traditions, the Queen enjoys high tea at 5 p.m. daily. Tea is a light stimulant and contains disease-fighting antioxidants, that’s why drinking this beverage is a good habit to have.

7. Happy marriage

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip have been married for 70 years, and they have loved and supported each other for all this time. Living in a happy marriage is vital for mental health and those who are happily married, report lower levels of stress.

8. Dealing with stress.

Stress is inevitable for people in a position of power, but the Queen has always taken challenges in her stride. Her Royal Majesty has been in her position for 66 years, and she is simply used to doing her job and doesn’t stress too much about it.

9. Staying socially active.

The Queen’s position calls for frequent public engagements and various formal events, and it seems that she isn’t going to retire from the public life anytime soon. She also spends a lot of time with her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Staying connected and communicating with your loved ones can help lower your risk of dementia and heart problems, according to some studies.

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