Michelle Pfeiffer Talks About Her Loving Marriage With David E. Kelley

Date January 31, 2018

Long-lasting marriages are quite the rarity in Hollywood, and that is why the successful ones are even more heartwarming. Actress Michelle Pfeiffer has been married to the producer David E. Kelley for 19 years, and things are looking excellent for the famous couple.

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Finding love is never easy

Michelle was previously married to actor Peter Horton during the 80s. However, she looks upon this marriage as merely something her youth had to do at the time.

I married Peter at a very young age. I’m not the same person I was then. I forget I was even married before.

Pfeiffer was 35 when she was set up on a blind date with David in 1993. It was love at first sight as the two quickly became a couple and got married the very same year. Michelle had already started the adoption procedure for her daughter Claudia Rose and believed that this would be the turning point in her newly-found relationship.

I was nervous about telling him, but I thought, this will separate the boys from the men.

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It all turned out for the best as she and David welcomed a son just a year later. They realized just how important family is and moved from LA to a ranch in the hills.

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It's all about respecting your partner

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David and Michelle became each other's love and support both at home and at their jobs. She has emphasized in her interview for the Parade the qualities her husband possesses and, more importantly, the respect she has towards him.

I chose really well with David. I got really lucky. … And 19 years later, I never take him for granted. I’ve never met a person who has more integrity than my husband. I respect that. There are his humor and intelligence, too, and he’s really cute all those things—but if you don’t respect your partner, you’ll get sick of him.

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Their stability at home has delightfully reflected onto their careers. They have both been very successful in their jobs over the years. They are still working very hard as Michelle got her first Emmy in 2017 for the portrayal of Ruth Madoff in The Wizard of Lies, while David is producing yet another hit TV show called Big Little Lies on HBO.

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