Greg Grunberg Is Battling With His Son's Epilepsy And Also Tries To Help Others

Date January 16, 2018 17:35

Greg Grunberg is not only a successful actor but also a father to three sons: Jake, Ben, and Sam. Unfortunately, Jake has epilepsy, and the actor has become a prominent spokesperson for this illness.

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Who is Greg Grunberg

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The 51-year-old American actor is best known for his television roles. He began his career as Sean Blumberg on Felicity after which he starred as Eric Weiss on Alias. He also had a role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. 

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As you know, both of these shows were directed by J.J Abrams who is a close friend of Grunberg. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Greg got a role in the Star Trek film as well where he portrayed Captain Kirk's stepfather. 

Years with epilepsy  

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Greg's eldest son got diagnosed with epilepsy when he was seven years old. Unfortunately, Jake suffers from frequent seizures of all kinds, which means he requires someone to be with him at all times.

Seizures are not the scary part. He's able to ride out the seizures, as most people are. The issue is, God forbid, if he falls or he's holding something like a toothbrush that could go down his throat. Talking about this is so important.

The actor and his wife had to learn everything about epilepsy to help their son. Greg is on an endless mission of raising awareness about his son as well as other patients who struggle with this condition. He developed a special bond with his son's teachers and friends, explaining to them what to do in case of a seizure. "Being calm, but prepared" is what Greg emphasizes.


Helping others


Grunberg has become the face of epilepsy, so he has taken his words in front of the Congress. His goal is to make epilepsy well-understood and recognizable to ease the lives of those affected by this illness.

Let's talk about epilepsy the same way we talk about cheeseburgers. It should be part of the vernacular, and we shouldn't be scared of it.

He deserves appreciation. Greg, we believe in you.

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