John C. McGinley Strives To Make A Better World For His Son With Down Syndrome

Date January 17, 2018

Someone once said that people with Down syndrome are what humans would look like if they were made entirely from love. For actor John C. McGinley and his son Max, every day is a new gift that needs to be taken with gratitude.

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John C. McGinley

Movie lovers remember McGinley as the quirky Sergeant Red O’Neill in Oliver Stone's Platoon. It was the role that landed him the breakthrough and allowed him to star in over 30 feature films. Furthermore, John has become a television star because of his portrayal of doctor Perry Cox in the hit comedy show Scrubs. 

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His other works include Se7enThe Rock, and Nothing to Lose. McGinley has also had a prolific career in theater. He has worked on and off Broadway for several years. However, he considers his greatest triumph to be the fact that he is a father to three children: two daughters and a son. 


Max McGinley 

The actor recalls thinking what did he do wrong when his son Max was born and almost instantaneously diagnosed with Down syndrome. After the initial shock, McGinley realized that this only meant that he would have to be an even better father than he planned on being. It is true that people with mental disabilities require a lot of love, but they give so much back.

I can, however, attest to the fact that my son has made a gift of love and presented it to countless people. I have witnessed this phenomenon and I have been one of those people.

The Hollywood actor has since become a spokesperson and an activist for the National Down Syndrome Society. His work in raising awareness about the syndrome and fighting bad words and harassment has genuinely helped a lot of people over the years. This is why John McGinley has received the prestigious Quincy Jones Exceptional Advocacy Award. 

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McGinley continues both his struggle against mean people and the popularization of the Special Olympic. But more than anything, he continues to be a loving father to his son, thus thanking the Lord for every day they have together.

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