Amazing Photos Of The Super Blue Blood Moon In 2018

Date February 9, 2018

A Super Blue Blood Moon is a rare occurrence that only so many people alive have witnessed. This phenomenon is visible when a blue moon, supermoon, and blood moon coincide. But what exactly is it?

What is a 'super blue blood moon'? BBC News

A lunar eclipse, super moon and blue moon are about to happen at once. Here's what you need to know. Please subscribe HERE World In Pictures Big Hitters Just Good News

A blue moon is the second full moon in any calendar month. Supermoons occur when the moon is at its closest point to the earth. At this time, it looks a lot bigger in the sky. And a blood moon is when during an eclipse, the surface of the moon has a reddish tint.

The last appearance was over 150 years ago.

For the first time since 1866, this phenomenon occurred. It was visible all around the world from Washington DC to Moscow and Tokyo, Japan. Even in some parts of Africa, the spectacular sight was visible.

Best of the Super Blue Blood Moon.

On January 21, millions of people around the world had their cameras out to capture this once-in-a-lifetime spectacle. These are some of the most amazing pictures we discovered.

Matilda Bay

Decided to head to Matilda Bay to watch the moonrise. The kids are still in the water and the light looks amazing coming across the bay. Now to wait for the eclipse.

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Hereford, Herefordshire

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The opportunity to witness a celestial phenomenon is absolutely precious, especially in Malaysia, given the hell unpredictable weather and often cloudy condition in Malaysia. I thought it was hopeless and almost gave up when it started to rain one hour prior to the event, luckily enough the rain stopped with the event looming and the cloudy sky turned clear just right at the totality of the event. The photographing process wasn't completely smooth but at least the larger part of the eclipse occured without the obstruction of cloud. Obviously this more-than-4-hour total lunar eclipse required quite some patience. ???? ????. This is a composite photo with the eclipse and foreground shot separately. . #throwback #TotalLunarEclipse #SuperBlueBloodMoon2018 #composite #paddyfield #phenomena #astronomy #moon #celestial #skywatcher #night_excl #astrosprout #NightScaper #astrophotography #canon #canonphotography

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Early research did identify some connection between the full moon and sleep cycles. It was not until 2013, that the Cajochen study presented definite information. In summary, “full moons were associated with longer times to fall asleep, reduced sleep efficiency, and less overall sleep time.”

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The study assessed the sleep cycles of a group of 33 adults over a three-year period. It was long believed that the extended presence of a bright moon in the sky may have disturbed sleep cycles of our ancestors who slept outdoors.

Best images of the Super Blue Blood Moon

From Bangkok to New York City and beyond, skygazers got to see a "Super Blue Blood Moon" on Wednesday. This "lunar trifecta" occurs when three phenomena take place all at once, which hasn't happened since 1982.

Present living conditions notwithstanding, the full moon still affects sleep cycles. The conclusion is that the effect of the full moon is more physiological, as against a conditioned response to changes in the environment.

In spite of this conclusion, further studies about the moon and its effect on humans continues to be conducted around the world.

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