Teacher Noticed Her Student Was Insecure About Her Hairstyle, So She Copied It Herself

Date February 19, 2018 14:02

An elementary school teacher made us feel warm with her cute empowering lesson. Leigha Bishop recently discovered a new way to honor one of her little students – by copying her braids.


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After noticing that the 4-year-old was rocking a braided topknot, she instantly complimented the little trendsetter and promised to recreate her cute hairdo.

Leigha tells Teen Vogue about her student’s reaction:

She didn't believe me, so she responded 'sure, Ms. Bishop' as she walked away.

But Ms. Bishop stuck to her words and to her little student’s surprise, she came to school the next day having a hairstyle just like hers, and the results are heartwarming and inspiring.

And there’s surely more to this than just to show the little one she knows how to rock a braid. Ms. Bishop knows that her role as a teacher to set an example for her students goes beyond the classroom.

By this did, Leigha decided to send a message to all of her students so they won’t feel afraid to inspire each other and others:

When students are valued for who they are as an individual beyond grades on a report card, they tend to want to be present in school and want to succeed in all aspects of life. This small gesture of copying a hairstyle also shows that students have the ability to inspire teachers.

Leigha has been a teacher for seven years and she knows how important it is to make a positive impact on kids:

Ultimately, I am a teacher who sees my students as whole people and not just bodies sitting in my classroom. I am a woman of color, and I want to pour positive light into children of all races and ethnicities.

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When she posted a photo of her and her student’s matching hairstyle, the reaction was overwhelming making her post go viral.

Leigha's words of gratefulness:

We love how she made a little but important change in the little girl’s perception of the world by this simple gesture.

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