From Gripping In Teeth To Propping On Backs: Funny And Creative Ways Animal Moms Carry Their Babies

Date February 9, 2018

As humans, we have numerous ways we can carry our kids around. For example, some of us like to cradle our babies in our arms, while some opt for a sling or a stroller. But animals do not have such tools and must resort to some crazy but funny ways of carrying their curb. How do they do that? Surely, not in backpacks or strollers, but gripped in teeth, propped on backs, and even underneath! We would gladly share some of the most adorable snaps of animal super moms.

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1. A ring-tailed lemur with her baby

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2. A baby gorilla getting a ride from mom!

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3. “The tie which links mother and child is of such pure and immaculate strength as to be never violated.” ― Washington Irving

4. Golden lion tamarin fathers hold their infants nearly 24/7!

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5. In a typical pride of lions, the hunting is done by the lionesses. Here, a mother lioness carries her young.

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6. But sometimes it's hard to decide which curb to carry!

7. When the snow is deep, it’s such fun to ride on the mom's back, while she is rooting through the snow for food.

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8. But it is no fun when kids are in danger!


9. Mom, can you be a boat?

10. Sleeping tight while a mother is watching you.

11. Kangaroo’s way of carrying their curb seems to be the easiest and most convenient!


12. When you have more kids, life is getting harder.

12. Delicate and vulnerable, these little crocs are safer in their mother’s mouth.

14. Baby swans are hitching the ride off mum.

15. This snow chick isn’t ready to join other kids, he wants to stay with his father, which gets pretty embarrassing.

16. Hitching a ride on mom is a great thing to do!

17. Mom, I’m falling!


18. Surely, how can we not mention the adorable way cats carry their little kittens?

19. When a mom isn’t around, you may get unexpected help.

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20. Who said dogs can’t ride a shopping cart?


Being a mother is a hard work, but these animals have definitely nailed it!

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