Old Newspaper Lying In His Basement Helped A Man To Find A Firefighter Who Saved His Life Many Years Ago

Date November 17, 2017

Michael Hart, 61, decided to clean up his basement, so he started sorting through old boxes of memorable family stuff: photos, cards, and notes. In the middle of the process, he came across something really incredible. At first glance, it was nothing interesting – just a crinkled newspaper clipping. But when Hart read the text on it, his jaw dropped. It was about a house fire he and his sister survived in 1959 when they both were toddlers.

When Hart was a little boy, he heard this story from his mother. But nor he, neither his sibling remembered the details. But now, everything's become clear.

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In August 1959, a severe fire broke out in the house of the Hart family in Hyattsville, Maryland. The two siblings, Michael, 3, and Linda, 2, were taking a nap upstairs while their mother did laundry downstairs. She realized she wouldn’t be able to rescue her kids in time: The fire was already very severe. The desperate woman ran from the house, calling for help.

Two firefighters, Carl Hartman and Stu Newman, arrived at the spot. Stu was very young and new to the department, but he bravely climbed a ladder and pulled Michael and Linda from the flames. What is more, he gave the breathless boy his mask, while carrying him through the room.

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As the years passed by, the names of the rescuers were forgotten. But suddenly, almost 60 years after the accident, everything became clear. Michael Hart was stunned as he saw the names of the heroes and decided to track them down. That’s how the reunion with the saviors happened:

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