Dog Goes To Church And Attends Mass Every Day Because It Was The Last Place He Saw His Owner

Date February 27, 2018

Dogs are known for being incredibly loyal and devoted to their owners. There are numerous happy and dramatic stories of how our furry friends helped and saved humans. And in any situation, they demonstrated their devotion. Remember Hachiko, that famous dog from Japan, who waited for the late owner for 7 years at the same train station? Hachiko showed unbelievable loyalty and now not only Japanese people but other travelers keep coming to that place to see the monument of the amazing canine.

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But this is a story about another sweet dog. We can’t imagine that many churches allow pets to sit in during mass, but Tommy the dog is very different. The 7-year-old German Shepherd in San Donaci, Italy, goes to church almost every day and sits quietly through the mass. It soon became a very normal occurrence as the members of the congregation got used to seeing the dog sitting patiently near the altar during church service.

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You see, Tommy belonged to 57-year-old Maria Margherita Lochi. Maria rescued the dog after she found him abandoned in a field near her home. She took him home, and he became her dear companion. She showered him with love and affection, and in return Tommy was fiercely loyal.

Recently, Maria passed away, and since then the dog has been waiting for his beloved owner to return. He goes to the church because that happened to be the last place he saw her, during her funeral.

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Every day, he comes when the mass bell rings and stays until service is over. The heartbroken Tommy is being well cared for by kind villagers who feed him regularly. People feel very sorry for the dog, but his power of love is worth admiration.