Two Women Had No Style For 60 Years Until The Professionals From The Ambush Makeover Turned Them Into Real Ladies

Date December 6, 2017

The Ambush Makeover team is doing a really great job. They are not only changing people’s looks, they change their mind about many other things. It’s not only about appearance, it’s about the confidence that makes you glow from the inside out. And that’s an amazing feeling.

In her late 50s, Lenise Melton is still a very pretty and active woman. All she needed was a small change in style to become more mature and womanly. With her two ponytails and somewhat baggy clothes, Lenise looked like a girl with gray hair and wrinkles rather than an adult woman in the prime of life.

A friend of her, Sheryl, inspired the woman to come to Ambush Makeover Plaza with a call for change. To their surprise and thrill, Lenise was picked by the show hosts.

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When the beauty pros presented the results of their work, Sheryl could hardly hold her tears. The makeover for Lenise was incredible.

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On the same day, another woman was picked for a greater change. Bonnie Amend who works as a librarian, was brought by her daughters and loving husband for the show. The girls wanted their mother to get rid of her gray hair and become fancier for her 60th birthday.

Their father was with them in the studio too, waiting for his wife to come out. We guess the makeover exceeded the family’s expectations! The woman who went out to them looked nothing like Bonnie they knew!

It’s great to see all those changes in women. We are attractive at any age, shape, and color, in any condition of our mind or body. Sometimes we just need a good mentor and a pair of loving eyes to rediscover the beauty within ourselves.

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