Raising Awareness: Celebrities Open Up About Their Health Issues And Try To Help Others

Date December 29, 2017

Having any kind of health issues is really hard and challenging. But it takes additional courage to speak out and share it with the world in such situations. In 2017, some celebrities faced different problems with their health. And they realized that sharing this information would be an important part of communication with fans and tabloids. Also, they wanted to raise an awareness for various diseases to help others.

Colton Haynes-Leatham made a touching post on #WorldMentalHealthDay and tried to encourage all the people who are feeling the same. He opened up about his anxiety and depression while telling his fans that it’s absolutely normal to seek help in such situations.

Today is #WorldMentalHealthDay . This is a photo I took of myself about a month ago when I had reached a point where I had no idea what to do. I had been in bed crying/paralyzed for 3 wks with no explanation. My personal life & career were at an all time high. I've talked about this before but I can't stress enough how important it is to seek help when your feeling down or in your darkest moments. I've struggled with Anxiety & Depression since I was in the 5th grade & it's not something that should go untreated or uncared for. I know a lot of people don't understand mental illness & pass it off as ppl being dramatic...but it's a chemical Imbalance that no one wants to struggle through. It's not easy. So let's all take a second to reach out to those in need of help & those who just need someone to talk to or some encouragement. A little love goes a long way. My heart is with my fellow survivors & ppl struggling through this aren't alone. ❤️❤️❤️

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Lady Gaga had to cancel or postpone her performances due to her fibromyalgia. It’s a chronic illness, and the patients usually suffer from fatigue and severe pain.

I wish you a healthy holiday filled with joy and laughter and only jeers no tears!

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus found out that she’s got a breast cancer, and she is fighting it now with the help of her family and friends. She also raises awareness of this problem and tries to help others.

Just when you thought...

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Santa Barbara Farmers’ Market. #cantbeatit #boughttoomuch #bighead

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Chrissy Teigen suffered from severe postpartum depression and was the one to speak up. She said that it’s necessary to give postpartum support to women and help them deal with that.

#flashbackfriday ????

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Gina Rodriguez revealed that she has got Hashimoto’s disease. In this situation, the thyroid gland is attacked by one’s immune system. It causes fatigue, weight gain, and other problems. She became really self-conscious because of her weight, but finally, she learned how to deal with that and love her body. The actress spoke out and encouraged everybody to accept their shape and be healthy.

Those celebrities are truly inspirational and teach us to keep fighting and moving in any difficult situation.

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