From A Journalist To A Queen: Love Story Of King Felipe And Queen Letizia

Date December 21, 2017

Spanish Royal family is another vivid example of how a commoner can marry a prince.

Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano first met the Crown Prince of Spain in 2002 at one dinner party. Letizia worked as a journalist and TV anchor at that time; she was pretty famous already.


Her grandmother and father had connections with radio and journalism, so young Letizia chose the same path. She was a good student and always worked hard. The future fiancée of Prince Felipe also showed her excellent professional skills when she got to work for CNN and Bloomberg TV.

And the Crown Prince Felipe was a bachelor at that time, so his parents were trying to find a suitable princess, but he didn’t like their candidates that much to make one of them his wife. The place in his heart remained vacant.

But everything changed when he met Letizia again when she was reporting some news on oil spillage. It’s been said that Prince Felipe, who at the time turned 34, fell in love with her at first sight. It seemed that any girl would be happy to go out with the son of the King, but Felipe had to use a lot of time and charisma to lure Letizia out on a date. At the beginning, he asked her out for four times, however, the stubborn girl always said ‘no’. When she finally agreed to meet the Crown Prince, they had a great time and started dating, but kept it a secret.


What’s more, the couple had to go through difficult times convincing Felipe’s parents that their marriage could be a good idea. King Juan and Queen Sophia didn’t want to see Letizia as their daughter-in-law. Why? Well, because it appeared that she is a divorcee and was married once already. This man was Alonso Guerrero Perez – a lecturer of Literature from the University of Extremadura. They were together for 10 years, and then married in 1998. But it didn’t last that long, and the couple divorced in a year.

Felipe didn’t care about this fact, and he managed to prove to his parents that this was his choice and he wasn't going to give up. So, in 2004, the Crown Prince Felipe made his beloved Letizia the Crown Princess. Their wedding was big and beautiful, with numerous royal guests.


Letizia quit her journalistic career and focused on the family. She gave birth to two amazing girls, Leonor and Sophia, and accompanied her husband on his official trips and visits.


When in 2014 King Juan Carlos l decided to abdicate, the Crown Prince took the throne. So they became King Felipe and Queen Letizia. They are extremely popular not only in Spain and are truly respected for their values and style. Felipe and Letizia are always busy throughout the year, attending numerous important events, but at the same time, they know that family remains the most important thing.


Their Christmas Card that has been published this December for the holidays is another proof that they can be a great example for many out there. And Queen Letizia, with her path from a hardworking student to the Queen and amazing mom, is a real inspiration.


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