Story Of One Royal Marriage: Princess Margaret And Her Favorite Photographer

Date December 15, 2017 12:52

Princess Margaret Rose, the younger sister of the Queen Elizabeth II, was the favorite daughter of King George. He was proud of his elder daughter, but the Margaret was his deeply loved little girl.


However, Margaret had a difficult character and used to do things the way she wanted, not listening to others. Maybe that’s why he married and “ordinary” guy, Antony Armstrong-Jones. Probably, Margaret was inspired by her uncle, who also married not a blue blood person - Wallis Simpson.

Anyway, Armstrong-Jones became the first “commoner” who could marry a princess in over 400 years. He was a photographer, and when they first met nobody could think of them as a couple. But they really hit it off. However, they managed to keep their affair in secret for a while. When they decided to get married, the Royal family accepted Antony surprisingly well.


Royal courtiers, on the contrary, thought it would break the protocol. But the photographer won the hearts of Elizabeth and Queen Mother who wanted Margaret to be happy. Their wedding was the first Royal one to be broadcast on the TV. They became the Earl and the Countess of Snowdon and soon welcomed two children: son, David, and daughter, Sarah.


Their first years of marriage were really happy, but later things went wrong. Anthony spent too much time at work, and Margaret wanted him to be more with her and their kids. The couple had some occasional love affairs on the side and finally announced the divorce. Margaret and Anthony was the first Royal couple to divorce since 1540. However, they continued being friends and always kept in touch after separation.

Although, their marriage failed after 20 years together, they remained one of the most glamorous Royal couples. Plus it was a real surprise that they’ve managed to remain on a good note with each other for a long time.

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