NICU Nurse Gets To See All The Kids She Saved And Their Grateful Parents

Date November 24, 2017

Whenever a baby is born ill or premature, it is usually placed in neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). There, nurses and doctors fight for the infants’ lives day after day. Kleenex Brand launched a project “Tiny Miracles” where they decided to let those precious workers know that they are appreciated.

Kleenex Brand / YouTube

Renee is one of those people. She works at the WellStar Kennestone Hospital in Marietta, Georgia. Every day, she takes care of those fragile lives while they are in isolation, away from their parents. It’s fair to say that many children wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for Renee. She realizes the importance of her work and tries to give those tiny babies all the care and warmth because their parents can’t be with them.

Kleenex Brand / YouTube

She says:

If I treat the babies the way I would like somebody to treat my babies when I’m not there – that’s the most important thing.

And all the parents of those saved children are feeling really grateful because Renee was the best nurse for them and helped numerous little ones. It might seem like a tiny miracle, but working with these critical babies and giving them the best care is a really hard work. Renee was able not only to do this, but she also talked worried mommies through this and comforted them. Because she knows for sure how hard it can be when the newborn gets to NICU. Workers like Renee are true heroes that are on an important mission of saving lives.

So, with the help of Kleenex, these people were able to meet the nurse and say how much they appreciate what she had done for them.

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