Man Finds A Rare Owl With Broken Wings In The Woods And Saves Her Life


December 5, 2017 17:21 By Fabiosa

It’s so nice that recently there more and more people who are willing to help wild animals that need our help. Sometimes, wildlife needs our support and attention and it’s really cool when people, like the hero of our story, are there to the rescue.

This one happened in Slovenia. One kind man went to the forest to pick mushrooms and saw a large wild owl sitting on a dead tree. The man came closer, but the owl didn’t fly away. He even managed to cuddle her and the bird was very sweet, it even seemed that she was smiling. But that man knew that usually wild owls don’t behave like that so he understood that something was wrong with her. He picked the owl and took her to the vet. And it was a good decision because it appeared that her both wings were broken. What’s more, she was a very rare owl, only 600 couples of these species are living in Slovenia now. Luckily, this bird was found by this kind man, had a successful surgery and was released into the wild after recovery. Her savior asks everybody:

Please do not kill owls, they are so cute and harmless… Thanks.

Next two videos show the situations when wild owls got tangled in fish lines. Fortunately, both of the owls were rescued and untangled by people.

This footage is from Lost Creek Country Club Golf Course. Craig Loving saw an owl trapped in fish line and didn’t hesitate to save the bird. He got into the water himself to untangle her.

This story is from the forest where a man found a cute baby owl in a similar condition. First the cute owl was scared and screaming, but later on, he realized that man is trying to help. The little cutie calmed down and waited patiently until he was freed.

Thanks to these amazing people some of the wild animals get rescued just in time!

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