Nicole Kidman Shares 4 Tips On Everyday Beauty Routine

Date December 22, 2017

Nicole Kidman turned 50 this year, but she looks so gorgeous that it’s really hard to tell how old she is. And it’s not only about makeup. Nicole says that she doesn’t like overdoing with it and prefers the minimum of it. She mentioned:

I don’t like a lot of makeup because I just don’t like feeling like I’ve got a mask on, I like actually just like being able to feel that my skin can be seen and also I don’t like wearing huge amounts of eye makeup and I'm very much about the quickest way to do things.


So the main secret is in good skincare and Nicole knows everything about it.

She shared the steps of her daily beauty routine.

1. Starting skincare at night.

Kidman believes that enough of the beauty sleep can help a lot and be one of the most important things to start with. And before going to sleep she applies some night repair and regenerating products with retinol.


2. Staying hydrated.

It’s vital to drink enough water every day. Plus, giving the skin some moisturizing and hydration is the next step. Nicole says that she’s got very dry skin, so she uses products that helps her skin stay fresh and hydrated.

3. Cleansing in the morning.

When the actress wakes up, she always cleans her face and applies Neutrogena daytime cream. She also checks if the products have SPF effect because sun protection is number one.


4. Lip care

Nicole prefers Neutrogena’s Hydroboost lip shine, which she likes because it’s ok to apply it not only on lips but cheeks too. She said:

I can just rub it into my cheeks and my lips.

So, as we can see, her beauty routine is pretty easy. The main thing is to sleep well and not overdo with makeup.

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